Carrix has been selected as a finalist for the ISPO's (International Sports Exhibition in Munich, February 1-4 2004) "BrandNew" Award.

Dear fellow bushwalkers and hikers.
Carrix has been designed and shaped specifically to carry your bag on your bush or track walk.
Lightness, strength and reliability are the criteria for this unique and simple concept.
As most of the load rests on the wheel, making for perfect load distribution, Carrix goes everywhere you want it to go, without weighing you down. With less strain on your back and legs, you save energy and enjoy your walk more.
On your mountain walk, uphill and downhill, a shockproof Carrix can efficiently carry your heavy bag, negotiate bumps and endure the most punishing treatment on steep and rough terrain. For the climbing part of your trip, simply pack your Carrix strapped bag on your back.
During transit at airports or railway stations, just fold the handles and push your loaded Carrix forward.
Carrix is delivered as a kit in a compact bag and can travel with you anywhere in the world.
Carrix is a multi-use tool with a multitude of working and recreational applications for outdoor activities such as diving, camping, caravanning, gliding, sailing etc..and more for you to discover.
Enjoy your walk!


Made in Switzerland, Patent and trade mark, all rights reserved. No 03405186.2