On the tracks of Saint James of Compostelle, by Josée and Claude: 1575km


I’m letting you know after a large delay some news of our trip. I’m truly sorry for this, especially after promising you to do so.
Overall everything went fine and we are completely satisfied with the equipment.
The leaflets were hand out in one week. We started our walking in Puy, on July 30, and arrived in Santiago on September 30, after 63 days of marching, with an average of 25 km/day.
We were suffering especially because of the heat. No blisters, no shoulder aches, no other pains as with the most of the walkers.
People were very curious and pilgrims from all over the world photographed us, as if we were cinema stars.
While climbing the Bentarte pass, at the border with Spain, Jean-Louis, coming from Delémont where he began his trip, became the only star. This very sympathetic young man was marching far too quickly for us.
While the road in Spain is easier, this is not true for France and the small wheel we saw on the test Carrix’s should become standard. It really helped us a lot while climbing on rocks or stairs.
So much for enhancement.
Therefore, there’s a positive balance for our trip, from all points of view.
Best wishes.

Josée and Claude.