Delémont (Switzerland) - Saint James of Compostelle: 2400km, by Jean Louis.

One month before taking on the roads of Saint James of Compostelle, my friend Roberto told me about a new invention: the Carrix.
Astonished at the beginning by this revolutionary "engine”, I wanted to test it, to be on the safe side. One test was enough to realize the functionality and help the Carrix could provide. Of course, I needed some time to correctly understand the counterweight mechanism. But after 2 or 3 days I got used to my new road companion and as time went by it became my essential friend. I even named it..."Jeep".
Some days I didn’t even feel the weight I was carrying; only some people on the road reminded me of the very curious "toy".
Should you have back problems or communication problems, the Carrix is a very good communication method. It’s also an ace in the sleeve on the road to St. James especially in Spain, on the plate roads.
I’ve carried my Carrix three times over 2,100 km in mountainous regions...peace of cake. I was also surprised by the robustness of this engine: the first stop caused by a puncture was after 1,700Km, but the problem now seems solved.
"Jeep" allowed me to have an extraordinarily free experience, enjoying this marching pleasure. Thanks Roberto for recommending it, thank you, Carrix inventor, for this brilliant invention and thank you "Jeep" for supporting me (and not the other way around) Nice routes for all of you.
One pilgrim

Jean Louis.