Carrix Technical Specifications

The structure is made entirely of high-grade aluminum and weighs 5.4 kg.
Screws have been protected against corrosion (blue zinc plating).
Carrix can be easily set up and folded away thanks to its easy tube assembly system. Strap clamping has been chosen because this system is the most reliable under all weather conditions. The securing rings of the carabiners are pressed together and therefore cannot be dismounted. The 20cm diameter wheel has an inner tube filled with 2 bar plastic foam, weighs 1.1 kg and can support up to 75kg. The nylon hub is smooth. The wheel’s shaft is made of stainless steel.
The tyre’s softness and the flexibility of the aluminum act as a shock absorber. The forked towing arms acts as a lever for easier control of the load’s balance. The cross structural brace ensures rigidity and durability of the device. As the Carrix is towed from behind, it needs no visual control.
The Carrix is able to carry up to 20kg.
The forward/backward swinging motion experienced while traveling downhill is reduced due to the towing straps of the harness. Therefore, there is less downhill force as compared with a backpack.
The shoulder straps and belt of the harness are adjustable to any size.

Maintenance: check that bolts are secure; check for wear and tear of the carabiners.